Online tournament guide

Play your favorite games (slot machines, dice slots, dice games) and go up against other players in our online casino tournaments. Collect as many points as possible, aim for the top of the leaderboard and pocket the jackpot! Winners are rewarded with loads of prizes and cash!

Tournaments for everyone

In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, every week or every month... there is always a tournament you can take part in. All our paying tournaments have something in common: great rewards up for grabs, whether it’s cash or amazing prizes. The longer the tournament lasts, the more exciting the prizes. Registration fees vary depending on the tournament and some only cost €0.01! The winnings can be prizes or cash. Some tournaments also offer rebuys or add-ons.

For all tournaments, you can also see the list of participants and check the leaderboard. All the details for each tournament are set out on the tournament page. Please note that registration fees, rebuys and add-ons can only be bought with real money.

Take part easily

Are you ready to enter the arena? Click on the “Register now” button for the tournament of your choice and start to play. As soon as the game starts, the timer begins. The game is the same as normal, but certain features are different. All the participants in the tournament play with virtual money and receive the same game credit to start. However, in certain tournaments, you can choose the stake per game.

The rules are the same as always, or almost

Although the main game rules don’t change, the tournaments have some specific features. Here is a list:

  • When the game starts, you get the same game credit as the other participants. If the tournament allows it, you can change your stake.
  • By clicking on the black trophy on the left, you can check the tournament’s current leaderboard. The blue trophy on the right shows you if rebuys and add-ons are available during the tournament.
  • The total number of points corresponds to your score. In a tournament, all your winnings in euros are converted into points. For example, if you win €5, you score increases by 5 points.
  • Finally, the timer indicates how much time you have left before the end of the game. You have 15 minutes to use your credit and collect as many points as possible.

Short on time or credit?

Has your game time expired or have you spent all your credit, but you want to try and improve your score?

  • With a rebuy, you can pay to participate in the tournament again. If you use one or several rebuys, your best score will be used on the leaderboard.
  • With an add-on, you can buy extra time or credit for your game. This option can be useful if you don’t have any time left to use your credit, or if you don’t have any credit left but you still have time.

Mystery games, bonus games and free spins

Have you got Mystery games or bonus games during the tournament? Play them like in the classic version of the game. All the winnings collected during these games appear as virtual money but they are converted into points. Free spins are also played as normal and are converted into points.

Important! Make sure you use your Mystery games and free spins before the end of the allotted time so they are counted in your points. If not, they will not count towards your score. You don’t have any credit left to play your Mystery games and you need to buy an add-on to continue? In this case, you lose the Mystery game, but you can continue to play.

What happens at the end of the tournament?

While the tournament is ongoing, your place in the leaderboard is provisional. To find out your final position, you must wait until the end of the tournament.

Once the tournament has finished, you will get an email with your final ranking in the leaderboard and any winnings you might have. The prize pool is split between the various winners depending on their position in the leaderboard. Cash winnings are paid into your account after the end of the tournament. For physical prizes, our customer service will get in touch with you. Your prize will be sent within six weeks.

It’s your time to shine!

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