Guide to online tournaments

Play your favourite games – slots, dice slots, dice games – and pit yourself against other players in our online tournaments. Aim for the top of the leader board and pocket maximum winnings. The prize money could be yours!

Tournaments for everyone

In the morning, afternoon, or evening, every week or every month... there is always a tournament for you. All our paid tournaments have one thing in common: there are great treats up for grabs – whether cash or even actual prizes.

Participation in tournaments is easy

Player signing up to a tournament on their laptop

Check out the ongoing tournaments and choose the one you wish to register for. If it is a paid tournament, you settle the entrance price with real money. Once your registration has been confirmed, you can play whenever you like for the duration of the tournament.

Classic game rules but with a few differences

If the game rules don’t change, there are certain specific features for tournaments:

  • When you start a game, you have the same credit as all the other participants. If the tournament allows, you can modify your bet (stake).
  • The black trophy (left) gives you access to the current tournament rankings. The blue trophy (right) indicates the rebuys and add-ons available in this tournament.
  • The points total indicates your current score. In a tournament, all of your winnings in euros are converted into points. For example, if you win €5, 5 points are added to your score.
  • Finally, the stopwatch shows how much time you have left to complete your game. You have 15 minutes to spend all of your credit and score a maximum number of points.

Time has run out or your credit is exhausted?

Your game time has expired or you have used up all your credit, but you wish to try again and improve your score.

  • Rebuy enables you to purchase a new participation. If you use one or more rebuys, only your best score is taken into account for the final rankings.
  • Add-on allows you to purchase extra time or game credit. This can be of use if you don’t have enough time to use all of your credits or if you don’t have any more credits but still have time left.

What happens at the end of the tournament?

Your ranking is provisional while the tournament is still ongoing. You have to wait for the end of the tournament to know your final position on the scoreboard.

Once the tournament has closed, you will receive an email notifying you of your ranking and any possible winnings. The total prize pool is shared between the different winners in proportion to their position on the leader board.

Now it’s over to you!

And of course, don't forget the tournaments in our Circus casinos.

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