🎲 Sic Bo – A simple and exciting dice game!

Have you heard of Sic Bo? This dice game of Chinese origin is distinguishable by its simple rules and several betting options. You are going to love it!

Unlike Craps, the other dice game it is often compared to, Sic Bo is played on a single dice roll. There are 2 different versions of Sic Bo online: Sic Bo Gamble and Dragon Sic Bo Gamble VIP.

Whichever one you choose, the aim stays the same: guess the result of the 3 dice.

How to play Sic Bo?

The game table can seem complex when you first see it but believe us, it is actually really simple!

  1. Select a chip with the value you want to bet. The minimum stake is €1. The Sic Bo VIP versions have chips with higher values.
  2. Place your chips on the betting squares of your choice. You can place several different bets on the same dice roll. Use the paytable below to help you choose.
  3. Roll the dice.
  4. The result determines the winning or losing bets.

BONUS: in the Sic Bo Gamble version, there is the possibility to play double or nothing if one of your bets wins.

What are Sic Bo's winnings?



Payment odds*


The total of the 3 dice is between 4 and 10. This does not include a triple

1 : 1


The total of the 3 dice is between11 and 17. This does not include a triple

1 : 1


Stake on a precise triple

180 : 1

Any triple

Stake on any triple

30 : 1


Stake on a precise double

10 : 1

(sum of three dice)

4 of 17
5 of 16
6 of 15
7 of 14
8 of 13
9 of 12
10 of 11

60 : 1
30 : 1
18 : 1
12 : 1
8 : 1
7 : 1
6 : 1


Stake on a combination of 2 numbers

6 : 1


Stake on a certain number that appears on 1, 2 or 3 dice

1 → 1 : 1
2 → 2 : 1
3 → 3 : 1

* It is equal to the number of times the stake. Valid for Sic Bo Gamble.

The different Sic Bo tables

A Sic Bo classic with a little extra if you like to take risks. You can increase your winnings with double or nothing!

In this Asian and VIP version of Sic Bo, the winnings odds are different as well as the size of the stakes (chips from €25 to €500. Try it now!

The origins of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient dice game from Chinese culture that means "pair of dice" in Mandarin. The exact origins are unknown, but the game is probably several thousand years old. Some say it was the first casino game to be invented.

Sic Bo is very popular in Asia, particularly in the Macao casinos. It was then brought to the United States at the start of the 20th century by Chinese immigrants. In Europe, it arrived more recently as its authorization has been gradual depending on the country. Simple rules and potentially increased winnings odds mean today Sic Bo has conquered the whole world's gaming halls.

What are you waiting for to find out for yourself?