Formula 1 betting

Formula 1, one of the most exciting and popular motorsports in the world, attracts millions of fans all around the planet every year. You like Grands Prix and adrenaline? Discover the many Formula 1 betting possibilities at Circus.

How do you bet on Formula 1?

Betting on Formula1 adds a whole new dimension to the excitement you feel when keeping up with the pilots and the teams, and it allows F1 enthusiasts de live the races even more intensely! On one hand, you can bet on the winner of the race, on the podium or the best lap. On the other hand, you can place a coin on the qualifying leaderboard or the duels between the drivers. As you see, you have loads of possibilities.

Thrills, legendary races, suspense... and your predictions!

Despite the complexity of this sport, the great advantage of betting on Formula 1 is the ewide range of bets: teams, builders and drivers can all be the subject of a bet! Staking on C. Leclerc at every lap adds excitement to the race and guarantees you some thrills. Will he beat his personal record? Who will pull out during the race? Will Verstappen start in pole position? Who between L. Hamilton and S. Vettel will win the race? Does your adrenaline start pumping when you think of Spa-Francorchamps? Then you’re at the right place: at every Grand Prix, give your predictions on hundreds of online bets on Formula1!

Become the betting expert on Formula 1

As for all types of bets, it is necessary to do some research and analyze past performances of the pilots and stables before placing your bets on Formula1. The stats, weather conditions, team strategies and other factors can affect the results of the races. If you keep an eye on these elements, you can increase your chances of making precise predictions and to making a profit. Are you ready to bet on the Australian, Canadian, Malaysian or the Monaco Grand Prix, or even on the F1 World Cup?

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