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Basketball betting

Basketball is a dynamic and captivating sport that attracts millions of fans from around the world! Does the NBA hold no secrets for you? Are you a fan of high-tension matches and are looking to add a dose of extra thrill? Enter into the world of rebounds, counter-attacks and shots to bet on basketball.

Experience the wild ambiance of a basketball match

10 players, a crazy crowd, shouts and bodies ready to move to the rhythm of lay-ups, smashes, dunks and buzzer beaters from the NBA, that’s basketball! Are you interested in surpassing yourself, team spirit and the will to win? Start pushing your limits now and turn your passion for basketball into winnings! To encourage you to win, cheerleaders chant the name of your favorite and help you choose who out of LeBron James, Giánnis Antetokoúnmpo or Curry will lead and win the game.

How to bet on basketball?

Over the years, betting on basketball has gained popularity, attracting more and more fans of sport and bettors around the world. Professional basketball, notably the NBA, has contributed to the expansion of this form of entertainment by offering unique opportunities for bettors! Whether you want to stick to traditional bets and bet on the result of a match, or you have a competitive spirit and prefer to spice it up by betting on handicaps, the total points scored or live bets, you will find what you’re looking for at Circus. Soak up the atmosphere of Circus Brussels Basketball, Liège Basket, the New York Knicks, Spirou Basket or the EuroChallenge and place your bets!

Your basketball knowledge makes the difference in your bets!

Predicting isn’t always easy. If you are getting started with basketball bets, it’s wise to check the advice of experts. Knowing the teams and the players can be very useful: find out which teams are taking part, their recent performances, the statistics of key players or possible injuries. An analysis of the team’s past trends, like their performances at home or away, their recent form or head-to-head confrontation can also give you an idea of the betting probabilities.

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