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Basketball for frequently asked questions about sports betting

FAQ - Sports betting

Do you have a question about the different types of sports bets? A match you bet on has been canceled? Find the answers to all our players’ most frequently asked questions about sports betting.

What are the differences between a single, combined and system bet?

Circus offers 3 types of bets:

  • A single bet slip only has one bet. If the bet you made is correct, the bet slip is correct as well. The winnings of a single bet slip are calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds linked to the chosen bet.
  • A combination bet slip has at least 2 bets. These bets all need to be correct to have a winning bet slip. If a single bet is incorrect, the entire bet slip is losing. Combination bets allow the stake, and therefore your potential winnings, to be multiplied.
  • A system bet slip has at least 3 bets. It’s the most complete bet slip that exists. It allows you to place several combination bets at once. This type of bet is less risky that a combination bet: you can win even if one of your bets is wrong.
What is Cash Out?

Cash Out allows you to secure your stake if you have doubts about your bet.

Before or during a match you have bet on, you can use the Cash Out feature, whatever the outcome. So, you can also fully or partially buy back your bet and minimize your losses. Depending on the events of a match, the Cash Out can be higher, lower or the same as your initial stake.

The Cash Out feature is not available for all sports bets. To find out if your bet has this feature, check if the Cash Out symbol is shown next to the event.

Can I cancel a sports bet?

To cancel a bet, you have the option to use Cash Out, which allows you to recover part or all of your stake. The Cash Out feature is not available for all sports bets. To find out if your bet has this feature, check if the Cash Out symbol is shown next to the event.

I placed a sports bet but the match was interrupted or canceled. Will I be refunded?

If an event or a tournament is canceled or suspended, the bet is canceled and your stake is therefore refunded to you.

I placed a sports bet, but the match has been postponed. Is my stake still valid?

If a sports event is postponed, the bets are kept for a specific period and your stake is therefore still valid. For more information, please read our: Sports regulation.

How can I place a sports bet?

Are you new to the sports betting universe and you don’t know how to place your first bet? Learn the basics of sports betting as well as different ways to increase your winnings. Learn what odds, a 1X2 bet and a combination bet are.

How do the sports betting tournaments work?

Want to jump into the competition? With our sports betting tournaments, you can become the betting master at Circus! Taking part couldn't be simpler:

  1. Register for the tournament of your choice for free
  2. Place bets on the events participating in the tournament to win points
  3. Climb to the top of the leaderboard and win your share of the prize pool

Depending on the tournament you have taken part in, the points are calculated differently. Check the tournament regulation to learn more.

How can I increase the odds of my sports bets?

To increase the odds of your sports bets, you have several options:

  • Take advantage of the current best odds on a range of sports events
  • Use BetXtra to increase your odds up to +100%
  • Favor combination bets that explode the odds of your bets