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Do you want to more about how the Circus Club works? Do you have questions about our promotions? Find the answers to all our players’ most frequently asked questions about our benefits.

Why don’t you give deposit bonuses or Freebets anymore?

Since 1 March 2020, online gaming websites are unfortunately no longer allowed to award bonuses to their players. This decision was made by the Belgian Gaming Commission, following a royal decree. In Belgium, the registration or deposit bonus, and Freebets are now banned by law.

As a 100% legal gaming and sports betting website certified by the Belgian Gaming Commission, Circus respects this ban.

However, rest assured! Thanks to our unique loyalty program, the Circus Club, you continue to be rewarded for your loyalty. The more you play and bet, the more coins you collect, and the more you can swap them for amazing gifts.

How does the Circus Club work?

The Circus Club is our loyalty program.

Every time you play casino games or bet, whether that’s online at Circus.be, in the participating Circus Casino gaming halls or at the Grand Casino de Namur, you automatically win coins and points. You can them swap your coins for gifts: game consoles, well-being gifts, high-tech gadgets or others. Treat yourself!

The Circus Club also offers lots of other perks: a Gift Box with a prize at the start of every month, a Prize Wheel when you reach a new status, perks in gaming halls, and much more. And a whole load of surprises!

I haven’t received my Circus Club gift yet. Is this normal?

It all depends on which gift you should receive. Here are some tips to take into account concerning the Club gifts:

  • Delivery times for our physical prizes are at least 6 weeks
  • The Gift Box is only available from the 1st to 7th of each month
  • It is only possible to spin the Prize Wheel once per status

For more information, don’t hesitate to check out our how the Club works page or contact our customer service.

How do you win points and coins in the Circus Club?

It’s easy: by playing and betting!

In online casino games, you receive 1 point and 1 coin each time you bet:

  • €10 on dice games and slot machines
  • €30 on roulette or blackjack

In online sports betting, you receive 1 point and 1 coin each time you bet from €1 to €10, depending on the type of bet and the odds:




From 1.40 to 1.80



From 1.81 to 3.00



From 3.01 to 7.50



More than 7.51



You can check your point and coin total at any time by going to the Circus Club page.

What are my casino perks at Circus?

Are you a casino player? At Circus, you enjoy a range of perks:

  • You win coins, which you can then swap for amazing gifts in the Circus Club
  • You get access to a Circus Live Casino space, specially dedicated to Circus players: Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Blackjack Gold
  • You can take part in exclusive casino tournaments with prizes and CASH to win every day
  • You have a chance to win one of our Circus Jackpots in every game, no matter your stake
  • You can enjoy several perks and rewards during unique promotions
What are my sports betting perks at Circus?

Are you a seasoned bettor? At Circus, you enjoy a range of perks on your sports bets:

  • You can take advantage of incredible best odds on the biggest current events
  • You have access to BetXtra of up to +100% to use in your bet slip
  • You can take part in exclusive sports betting tournaments with prizes and CASH to win
  • You win coins when you bet, which you can then swap for amazing gifts in the Circus Club
  • You can enjoy several perks and rewards during unique promotions
What is the Circus Gift Card and how do I use it?

Simple, quick and 100% secure, the Circus Gift Card allows you to treat yourself on your favorite retail websites. Swap your card on our partner site for an e-voucher which can be used, depending on the amount you have, on Zalando, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, or on Circus credit with the Neosurf Card.

Using it couldn't be simpler:

  1. Copy your Circus Gift Card code from your gift history or the confirmation email
  2. Paste your code on our partner website
  3. Choose your e-voucher and treat yourself on your favorite retail websites!

You don’t have your Circus Gift Card yet? Swap your coins to get one in the Circus Club.

My Circus Club points have decreased for no apparent reason. Is this normal?

The Circus Club rewards regular players for their loyalty. Every week, your points decrease by 0.7%. Continue to play and bet regularly to compensate for the decrease in points.

Do you have other questions about how the Circus Club, our loyalty program, works? Don’t hesitate to read all the info about the Circus Club.

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