Cherries for frequently asked questions about casino and dice games

FAQ - Casino and dice games

You aren’t able to start a casino game? The game is frozen? Find the answers to all our players’ most frequently asked questions about our casino and dice games.

What types of games can I find at Circus?

Circus offers a wide range of casino and dice games, separated into several categories:

  • Slot machines: from the most traditional to the most original, the slot machine is THE ultimate casino game.
  • Blackjack: play at your own pace and test your blackjack knowledge with the traditional card games.
  • Dice games: the famous dice games are the unquestioned favorite of Belgian players. Try to line up three of the same dice to win the jackpot!
  • Roulette: it needs no introduction! The unmissable roulette will please all adrenaline fans.
  • Dice slots: between slot machines and dice games, dice slots will give you thrills! Spin the reels and find out what you’ve won.
  • Video poker: take on the croupier head-to-head in a game halfway between a classic poker game and a slot machine.
  • Live casino: experience the casino as if you were there and play live with other players from the community.
  • Spin Quest™: start the game with an objective to achieve. When you achieve it, you win the reward shown. Simple, right?

Circus has class I and II licenses, on our website you will find the same types of games as those authorized in physical Belgian gaming halls and in casinos.

Stay tuned! Circus regularly adds new games to surprise you and to make sure you have as much fun as possible. And if you don’t know where to start, browse our best games category.

I’m not able to start a game or the game is stuck “loading”. What should I do?

If you aren’t able to start a game or if it is stuck on the “loading” page, there is a high chance that your WiFi connection is too weak. We recommend connecting to the internet using an Ethernet cable.

Also check that you haven’t got another ongoing game as it is impossible to play several games at the same time.

If the problem continues, try to clear your browser’s cache by pressing the keys CTRL + MAJ + DELETE.

In addition, to enjoy maximum playability, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

Remember that your credits are never lost, even in the event of a sudden disconnection. You can always restart your ongoing game without losing information.

I was logged out in the middle of a game. Will I get my credits back?

Remember that your credits are never lost, even in the event of a sudden disconnection. You can always restart your ongoing game without losing information.

To recover your game or your credits, generally all you need to do is wait a few moments (from a few seconds to 5 minutes) so your credits can update or a window appears to allow you to continue your game.

If this isn’t the case, refresh the page by clicking the F5 key on your keyboard or try to log out and then log back into the website.

If you haven’t recovered your credits or your game after 30 minutes, please contact our customer service

A technical problem made me lose money during a game. What should I do?

We are sorry there was a technical problem!

We do all we can to avoid technical problems happening. Despite this, technical problems can unfortunately sometimes occur and interrupt your game. Remember that your credits are never lost and all your gaming activity is saved in our machines.

If you have encountered a technical problem, our teams will be happy to help you and check what happened. Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

I would like to try a new game. Where can I find the rules?

To read the rules of a game, start the game and click on the “info” icon, often represented by a question mark (?).

Depending on the game, this icon can be found in various places, such as in the settings, in the game itself or in the drop-down menu.

To read the general casino and dice game rules, check out our Tips & Tricks section.

Can I play at Circus from my smartphone or tablet?

Of course. Our platform adapts to all your devices, whether it’s your computer, your smartphone or your tablet. To make it easier, download our My Circus application. You can then more easily log in using Face ID, for example. You can also more easily access your favorite categories: casino games, dice games, sports bets, etc.

I’ve won a casino or dice game! When will I receive my winnings?

The winnings you get during a casino or dice game automatically appear on your account.

If that’s not that case, please wait a few minutes. If after 30 minutes, you still haven’t received your winnings, please contact our customer service.

What is the difference between “Real money” and “Demo” mode?

When you play a game with real money, you play with the money you have deposited on your account. It is possible to withdraw your winnings in this game mode.

When you play a game in demo mode, you play with fictitious money. This can be useful if you want to try a new game before staking with real money or if you simply want to practice. It is not possible to withdraw your winnings in this game mode.

I never win! Why?

We are sorry to hear that you haven’t won yet!

Your chances of winning a game depend on what we call volatility. This corresponds to the winning frequency of an online casino game. There are 3 levels of volatility:

  • High volatility offers higher, but less regular, winnings.
  • Medium volatility gives more or less regular and considerable winnings.
  • Low volatility gives lower, but very frequent, winnings.

Remember that some games, like blackjack, need thoughtful playing and you can win thanks to your skills! To practice without risking losing money, remember that you can also play with fictitious money in demo mode.

What types of casino tournaments does Circus offer?

Circus offers several categories of casino tournaments:

  • Monthly tournament: from the 1st to last day of the month, take part in the monthly tournament for an entry fee of €5
  • Weekly tournament: this tournament is accessible for a week from Monday at 02:00 until the following Monday at 01:59
  • Daily tournaments: every day, at any time of the day or night, register and take part in our tournaments from €0.01 With winnings up to €400 up for grabs!
  • Special tournaments: take part in one-time tournaments during special promotions throughout the year. Loads of surprises are up for grabs!

To learn more about our casino tournaments and how they work, read the tournament guide.