Default deposit limit

Since 1 December 2019, your deposits have been subject to a default deposit limit of €500 per week. As a 100% legal gaming and sport betting website, Circus respects this limit.

Under certain conditions, you will have the possibility to turn off this default limit in the near future.

Frequently asked questions

I would like to turn off my legal limit, is that possible?

You can’t currently turn off your legal limit. It will be possible to request it to be turned off in the near future.

How can I turn my legal deposit limit back on?

In any circumstances, it is possible to set a more restrictive deposit limit by changing your personal daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits in your account settings.

I know someone who can deposit more than €500 per week, is this normal?

In 2019, players were able to increase their deposit limit and this increase is still valid. In the near future, you will also be able to increase your legal deposit limit.

Remember: so that the game remains a game, play responsibly.

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