What’s affiliation?

Affiliation is a programme where Circus provides anyone who wants to promote Circus (the affiliates) with the means to do so, including articles, goodies and other promotional material, to help advertise Circus' products and services.

In exchange for the affiliate's work, they will receive commission based on the traffic generated from their activities and the number of deposits made on the site as a result of their campaign.

Online affiliation

Would you like to promote the Circus website? Become our partner and receive great commission in no time for getting players to join us at Circus.

Join our GAMING1 Partners Affiliation Programme in just a few clicks and start earning money today. With the different kinds of promotional material to hand, you will be well equipped to get started.

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Offline affiliation

Would you like to recruit players from within your shop? We use OTORT, an exclusive tool which allows players and bettors to quickly register when they are in your shop.

Automatically earn commission with every player or bettor who registers with us in your shop.