Your loyalty program at Namur

The Circus Club – the program that rewards your loyalty when playing online at – is coming to Circus Casino Resort de Namur.

Each time you play on the casino’s slots or electronic roulette games, you will win COINS and POINTS that will entitle you to exclusive benefits in Namur, as well as other online advantages.

COINS are the currency of the Circus Club. You win them by playing online or on the slot machines and electronic roulette games at Circus Casino Resort de Namur.

Then swap them for prizes in the Club catalog!

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POINTS allow you to advance to higher statuses in the Club. The more POINTS you win, the higher your status. And each status comes with more perks than the one before, both online and in the casino.

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How to benefit?

  1. I create my account at to which my casino membership card will be directly linked.

  2. I automatically accumulate COINS and POINTS by playing online or in the casino.

  3. I consult my status and my COIN balance in my Circus account.

  4. I benefit from the perks linked to my status and treat myself to prizes with my COINS!

What benefits?

With the Circus Club, the more your status increases, the more perks you have at the Circus Casino Resort de Namur.

From Blue to Diamonds, discover the list of all the perks below.

A host of prizes!

Swap your COINS for a wealth of prizes: cars, holidays, high-tech material, e-vouchers and much more. 

The more COINS you have, the more spectacular the prizes on offer!





Did you know?

At the Circus Casino Resort de Namur you will receive:

  • 1 COIN and 2 POINTS every time you bet €20 on slot machines;
  • 1 COIN and 2 POINTS every time you bet €60 on electronic roulette;
  • Multiple COINS for taking part in our tournaments and special events.