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Map data ©2022 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google
Map data ©2022 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google
  • Anderlues - Librairie Nationale
    Chaussée de Thuin 389
    6150 Anderlues
  • Ans - Librairie Brone
    Rue des Français 259
    4430 Ans
  • Antoing Papa
    Place Bara 4
    7640 Antoing
  • Auvelais - Station Red Line
    Rue Bois Sainte Marie 176
    5060 Auvelais
  • Aywaille - Librairie Roka
    Rue du Chalet 21
    4920 Aywaille
  • Boncelles - Circusbet
    Route du Condroz 152
    4100 Boncelles
  • Brussel - Benhur Express
    Avenue du Roi Albert 45-47
    1120 Brussel
  • Bruxelles - Librairie Laekenoise
    Rue Stéphanie 157
    1020 Bruxelles
  • Bruxelles - Librairie Noah
    Chaussée de Louvain 511
    1030 Bruxelles
  • Charleroi - Librairie Mignon
    Grand’rue 256
    6000 Charleroi
  • Charleroi - Librairie du Coin
    Rue Huart Chapel 1
    6001 Marcinelle
  • Chaudfontaine - Librairie Espace 3D
    Rue du général Jacques 99<br/>4051 Chaudfontaine
  • Chez Enza
    Rue de Lodelinsart 98
    6061 Montignies sur sambre
  • Chez Tess
    Chaussée de Lille 158
    7500 Tournai
  • Ciplet - Librairie Tôt et Tard
    Route de Namur 22
    4260 Ciplet
  • Circus Arlon Weyler
    Route de Longwy 599
    6700 Arlon
  • Circus Betshop Grobbendonk
    Lierse steenweg 125a
    2280 Grobbendonk
  • Circus Betshop Lier
    Antwerpsesteenweg 519a
    2500 Lier
  • Colegram
    Avenue de la Station 105,5030
  • Courcelles - Librairie du trieux
    Rue general de gaule 10
    6180 Courcelles
  • DN News
    Route d’Ath 190
    7050 Jurbise
  • De Klok
    Tongersesteenweg 306
    3840 Borgloon
  • Evere - Librairie Express
    Rue Godfroid Kurth 87
    1140 Evere
  • Farciennes - Tabac shop de la place
    Grande Place 23
    6240 Farciennes
  • Flémalle - Librairie Libr'eric
    Rue e'Tiyou 57
    4400 Flémalle
  • Gilly - Librairie Commune
    Chaussée de Lodelinsart 44
    6060 Charleroi
  • Grivegnée - Librairie de l’avenue
    Avenue de Péville 321
    4030 Grivegnée
  • Groot-Bijgaarden - dbh Publi Center
    Brusselstraat 376
    1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
  • Hatert
    Rue du Wainage 261
    6240 Farciennes
  • Hermée - Librairie Le papyrus
    Rue Devant La ville 12C
    4680 Hermée
  • Herstal - Gurjeet
    Rue Louis Demeuse 55
    4040 Herstal
  • Herstal - Librairie Nicolas
    Rue de l'agriculture 104
    4040 Herstal
  • Herstal - Librairie Point Press
    Rue Large Voie 4
    4040 Herstal
  • Jemappes - Librairie Bourlard
    Avenue du Champs de Bataille 4
    7012 Jemappes
  • Jocelyn
    Rue Mouzin 35
    7020 Nimy<br/>
  • Jodoigne - Libraire La Bruyère
    Rue Saint Jean 1
    1370 Jodoigne
  • Kain LeKiosque
    Avenue d'Audenarde 208
    7540 Kain
  • Krsna
    Rue Waleffe 119
    4101 Seraing
  • La Librairie d'Anthisnes
    Rue du Centre 14 a
    4160 Anthisnes
  • La Louvière - Librairie Coin Presse
    Chaussée du pont du sart 2
    7110 Houdeng-Aimeries
  • La une
    Rue Albert Camus 78
    4987 Monceau
  • Le Roeulx de la chaussée
    Chaussée du Roeulx 262 A
    7000 Mons
  • Librairie du peuple
    Rue Monsville 200
    7390 Quaregnon
  • Liege Richelieu
    Rue de Robermont 300
    4020 Liège
  • Lillois le prevert
    Grand'route 162
    1428 Lillois-Witterzée
  • Liège - Librairie Bois d'Avroy
    Rue du bois d'avroy 2
    4000 Liège
  • Liège - Librairie Full Time
    Rue Sainte-Walburge 16
    4000 Liège
  • Liège - Librairie du Boulevard
    Rue Emile de Laveleye 145
    4020 Liège
  • Liège - Maison Demoulin
    Rue des Guillemins 111
    4000 Liège
  • Lodelinsart - Librairie Le magasin du coin
    Place Edmond Gilles 21
    6042 Lodelinsart
  • Megapresse
    Place eugène Verboekhoven 3
    1000 Bruxelles
  • Merksem - Dagbladhandel M&M
    Weggestraat 14
    2170 Merksem
  • Mol - Librairie DBH Beyens
    Rozenberg 134
    2400 Mol
  • Mons - Librairie PAJ
    Chaussée de Ghlin 9
    7000 Mons
  • Mons Gd Place
    Rue de Nimy 9
    7000 Mons
  • Mons Tony Shop
    Chemin de la procession 162
    7000 Mons
  • Mouscron - Tabac Magic
    Grand rue 167
    7700 Mouscron
  • Namur - Gambling Management
    Avenue de la Plante 11
    5000 Namur
  • Namur - Librairie des Arsouilles
    Rue Courtenay 2/13
    5000 Namur
  • Opglabbeek - Chris Krantje
    Weg naar Zwartberg,9,3660,Opglabbeek
  • Romsée - Librairie Titi
    Place Hector Denis 1
    4624 Romsée
  • Sprimont - Librairie du centre
    Rue du centre 35
    4140 Sprimont
  • Tabac Shop les Hamendes
    Chaussée de Fleurus 62
    6040 Jumet<br/>
  • Tertre K'do
    Rue Defuisseaux 80
    7333 Tertre
  • Trooz - Librairie Lejeune
    Grand rue 21
    4870 Trooz
  • Verviers - Henrion
    Place Verte 42
    4800 Verviers
  • Verviers - Librairie de Petit-Rechain
    Chaussée de la Seigneurie 175
    4800 Verviers
  • Villers-la-Ville - La Rotonde
    Avenue Arsène Tournay 5
    1495 Villers-la-Ville
  • Vilvoorde - Philbo Tobacco
    Jean Baptiste Nowélei 52
    1800 Vilvoorde
  • Warchain pt magasin
    Vieux Chemin d'Ath 26
    7548 Warchain
  • Wasmuel - Librairie de la Place
    Place de Wasmuel
    7390 Wasmuel
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Since 6 April, the Belgian Gaming Commission has asked players to report any site that does not respect the rules concerning the deposit limit, and specifies that "no increase in this limit can be granted at this time". wishes to apply this rule, however without penalising players, as the situation is due to the Belgian Gaming Commission’s inability to set up a verification system with the Belgian Central Individual Credit Register despite the fact that a period of 18 months has elapsed since the publication of the Belgian Royal Decree on 25 October 2018.

Therefore, so as not to penalise those players who wish to do so, players that make the request and that can prove via the documents available on the Belgian Central Individual Credit Register that they are not in default of payment, will be able to increase their deposit limit beyond €500, in accordance with the Belgian Royal Decree of 25 October 2018.

In this context:

  • If you are already registered on our website and have already deactivated your "legal" limit, nothing changes for you. If you wish to do so, you way reactivate the "legal" limit on your personal settings page. To deactivate this limit again later, you must provide us with proof that you are not registered on the Belgian Central Individual Credit Register for default of payment.
  • The law imposes a deposit limit of 500 euros per week. Players can freely increase this limit given a reflection period of 3 days, and provided that the player is not known to be in default of payment in the file of the Belgian national Bank’s Central Individual Credit Register (art. 6 of the Royal Decree of 25 October 2018).
  • This can be easily done via the Deposit page or from the account settings.
  • If you have just registered on our website and you wish to deactivate your "legal" limit, you must provide us with proof that you are not registered on the Belgian Central Individual Credit Register for default of payment.
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You will find a link to the necessary procedure when you indicate your wish to increase your deposit limit on your personal settings page.

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