Will you choose the right box?

📦 The Open the Box tour is starting soon near you!

From 10 February to 21 May 2023, come and face the wall of boxes in your Circus Casino and you could win €1,500 CASH!

How can you take part?

It’s really simple: ask for your savings card a month before the tour in your gaming hall. Then all you need to do is collect participation tickets on each visit. The higher your Circus Club status, the more tickets your will get (see table in the FAQ)!

33 dates throughout Belgium

Come and enjoy a unique evening event near you and take on the wall of boxes to win prizes and CASH!

Let’s answer your questions!

What are the perks linked to my Circus Club status?

Gold status: 1 visit = 2 tickets

Platinum status: 1 visit = 3 tickets

Diamond status: 1 visit = 4 tickets

Can I use my savings card in another gaming hall?

No. You will get a different savings card for each gaming hall. The card allows you to collect participation tickets for 1 month before the tour arrives at your Circus Casino gaming halls.

How long can I collect tickets for?

Check the table above for when the Open the Box tour arrives in your gaming hall. Participation ticket collecting will start exactly 1 month before in that gaming hall.

E.g., Circus Casino Guillemins
Open the Box event: 8 April
Start of ticket distribution: 8 March

When and how can I choose a box?

Check the calendar to see when the Open the Box tour will arrive at your gaming hall. Go to your Circus Casino on that day and show your savings card to receive all the participation tickets you’ve collect over the last month.

If you are one of the 20 people* randomly drawn by our host during the event, all that’s left to do is choose your box and take on the wall!

Get ready for surprises, prizes, CASH and, above all, lots of fun!

*20 people per gaming hall in 2 sessions (every 10 minutes for 4 hours)