€10,000 to win: collect the stickers!

The celebration for Circus’ 30th anniversary is far from finished!

From 1 to 26 October, collect as many Circus Collector anniversary stickers as possible and win loads of prizes!

And if you manage to collect all the candle stickers, you will have a chance to win the final draw on 5 November with €10,000 CASH up for grabs!

How do you play?

It’s really simple! Every day, you will receive 4 stickers at the entrance to your Circus Casino. Stick these 4 stickers in their corresponding places on the game sheet.

For example: 6 white stickers with purple borders + 1 completely purple sticker = 1 gold bar! It is the same for all the other prizes. The last stickers must be the full color to allow you to win.

And don’t forget to collect the “candle” stickers that allow you to qualify for the final draw on 5 November.

What are the prizes?

Every day

Collect the “prize” stickers to immediately win:

  • 1.000 COINS
  • 5.000 COINS
  • 10.000 COINS
  • €10 CASH
  • A €30 fuel card
  • A gold bar worth €170

Collect all the “candle” stickers and qualify for the final draw on 5 November.

During the final draw

The big winner will leave with €10,000 CASH!

Where can I take part?

In all the Circus Casino gaming halls in Belgium.

1x per day per player.

Until when?

Collect as many stickers as possible from 1 to 23 October 2022.

Qualify for the final on 5 November 2022 to win €10,000 CASH!