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November 24th, 2023

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023: who will dominate the grand finale?

This Sunday (26/11 - 14:00), the world's top 20 drivers will give it their all in the final race of the F1 calendar this year. Who will be the fastest?

Will you recognize the driver behind the preface to this final race of the year?

“Hello everyone,

Here we are, it’s already the last race of the year. It's been a tough season for me. If I had to sum up my year, I'd say it's been a mixed bag. We've had to contend with the absolute domination of the Red Bulls and especially Max Verstappen.

Between technical problems, retirements and competition from my team-mate, I had to persevere and be patient. I know that in my team, the pressure from the fans is greater than anywhere else. Despite all this, I was able to rely on my speed in qualifying to create a few surprises and make life difficult for Verstappen, my long-time rival. Apart from him, I'm the one with the most pole positions in 2023.

I reached Formula 1 in 2018, after having dominated all the lower categories I raced in. After a year of learning, I was recruited by the team of my heart, the one every young car enthusiast dreams of. Last year, I finished runner-up to my eternal Dutch rival in the world championship.

I was hoping for better this year. My relatively mediocre ranking doesn't reflect my performance in the car at all, and I'm determined to show everyone what I'm capable of by winning the last battle of the season in style. My Spanish team-mate and I are still battling it out with Mercedes for 2nd place in the constructors' championship, and we're going to fight to the last point to get ahead of them."

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