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November 14th, 2022

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Betting on the World Cup 2022: advice from three bettors

The World Cup is the international football event of the year. One not to miss for all fans of the round ball! Do you dream of making the greatest bets on the World Cup, but you don’t know how? Follow our experts’ advice. 

3 bettors, 3 opinions! Which one will you follow out of Jordy, Alex and Youness?

Who is your favorite to win the World Cup?   

JORDY: I would say Argentina, because their current form makes me think they have quite a lot of chance of going all the way for once, the team really wants to be at the service of the best player on the planet, Lionel Messi, who will most likely play his last World Cup. Football owes him that much!

ALEX: For me, it’s Brazil. They have been preparing hard and have been undefeated in their last 15 matches. The coach has clear ideas and the team is as great as ever, not too many physical problems and the players are on form.

YOUNESS: I‘m with Alex. They have a strong and competitive team in all positions. And Neymar is in the best shape of his life. The Neymar, Vinicius, Raphinha attack could really do some damage. Brazil, without a doubt.

Is there an outsider you see going far?

JORDY: If I had to choose one, it would be Serbia. They have a very solid team with the incredible midfielder Milinkovic-Savic and two strikers who are really on fire, Mitrovic, the serial goalscorer from Fulham, and Vlahovic, from Juventus.

ALEX: Denmark, in the group with France, Australia and Tunisia. I can see them finishing ahead of France, who are still being broken in, and avoiding Argentina in the round of 16. They have the team to play a quarterfinal, even a semifinal. Watch out for Serbia as well, but they have landed in a difficult group.

YOUNESS: They are sometimes called a favorite, but I see the Netherlands as an outsider. They have just given us a lesson on football and will really want to shine again in a big tournament after missing the 2018 edition in Russia.

A little prediction for our Devils? How far do you think they will go?

JORDY: I am quite pessimistic. Belgium won’t go past the group stage, because the number of world-class players has really gone down. For me, there are only two: Kevin De Bruyne and Thibaut Courtois. And on top of that, I’m worried about our defense, they don’t reassure me.

ALEX: I see them reaching the round of 16. Even if the group stage goes ok, the defense isn’t sturdy enough to hope to beat Germany. If it’s against Spain, I think it’s 50-50, but I worry that this World Cup won’t be great for Martinez and our generation.

YOUNESS: I’m also unfortunately pessimistic about Belgium. The golden generation is well and truly over. Group F is very competitive. 

As avid bettors, what is your favorite market?

JORDY: My favorite market is the “goalscorer” market. It’s my guilty pleasure, I must admit. The odds are often good and when players are excited about a competition like the World Cup, we can directly feel it. So that can give big winnings.

ALEX: X at half time”. I think the teams are well prepared and you will have to be patient to see goals and the favorites to break away. It’s a good bet.

YOUNESS: For me it’s “Total goals (over)”, it allows you to feel the thrill and believe in your bet for as long as possible.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to bet on the World Cup?

JORDY: You must never forget that a big team is always a big team. Of course, there will be surprises, like there are every time. But don’t always look for surprises. A big nation, even in crisis, like France with all their injuries at the moment, they will almost always get out of a trap.

ALEX: This World Cup is special, because it will take place at the end of the year, with little preparation. So, I recommend going for sports bets on teams that have sure and strong teams. Teams with a new manager or a lot of injuries could pay a high price, and you as well in the end.

YOUNESS: You’ve got to stay objective. Don’t mix feelings with predictions. Avoid long bet slips, don’t be too greedy and aim for simplicity.

What would be your 3 sports betting recommendations?


  1. Qatar win or don’t lose against Ecuador > Make the same bet
  2. More than 3.5 goals in the Argentina – Saudi Arabia match > Make the same bet
  3. Senegal win or don’t lose against the Netherlands > Make the same bet


  1. -1.5 handicap for France in the France – Australia match > Make the same bet
  2. Germany win and at least 2.5 goals in the match against Spain > Make the same bet
  3. Messi scores at least 4.5 goals during this World Cup 2022 > Make the same bet


  1. Qatar win their first match against Ecuador > Make the same bet
  2. Uruguay win against South Korea > Make the same bet
  3. In the Poland – Saudi Arabia match, Poland win and R. Lewandowski scores > Make the same bet

What is your perfect combi in the group stage?


Ø  TOTAL ODDS: 17.084*


Ø  TOTAL ODDS: 11.921*


Ø  TOTAL ODDS: 14.346*

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*Odds on date of 26/10/2022