Happy Days

Win twice as many prizes!

From 13 to 14 February, enjoy Happy Days!

Win twice as many COINS by playing your favorite casino games online or by betting on the weekend's matches and swap your COINS for your dream prize twice as fast! 

For a whole weekend, the COINS you win are automatically doubled and you don't have to move an inch.

How do you double your COINS?

  1. Register or log in to your Circus account

  2. Play casino games or bet on sport to win COINS

  3. Win twice as many COINS during the Happy Days weekend from 13 to 14 February

  4. Swap your COINS for the prizes of your choice at the Club

Have you heard of the Circus Gift Card?

Use your COINS to get a Circus Gift Card and treat yourself on the most popular retail websites, such as Foot Locker, Amazon, Spotify, Zalando, iTunes, Playstation Store, Steam, etc. or swap it for the Circus Neosurf Card.

Enjoy the Club

New at Circus? Discover the Club, the program that rewards your loyalty. Thanks to the Club, the fun of playing also allows you to enjoy many advantages and win prizes. Ranging from trips, high-tech devices, sport items to well-being goodies, discover our extensive catalogue!