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Coins Fever

Coins Fever is new for 2024 and has 5 guaranteed winners in all the gaming halls for each of the 5 dates!

How can you take part?


Make sure you have a Circus.be account


Answer one question during each visit to the gaming hall


The higher your status, the more chances you have


Be part of the 5 winners during the big event

Coins Fever

What can you win?

235,000 COINS will be up for grabs in each gaming hall and shared among the 5 winners:

  • 1st : 100,000 COINS
  • 2nd : 65,000 COINS
  • 3nd : 30,000 COINS
  • 4nd : 25,000 COINS
  • 5nd : 15,000 COINS

In total, more than 7,000,000 COINS will be given out during each Coins Fever event!

When is it happening?

Thursday, 22 February

Thursday, 18 April

Thursday, 20 June

Thursday, 19 September

Thursday, 21 November