Donate your COINS to a charity and Circus will double the amount!

Redeeming COINS is a real pleasure. Especially when you can give them to the less fortunate. The Circus Club allows you to donate your COINS to a charitable organization with its Circus Smiles program.

The Circus Club is more than a community of players. It’s a group of people who care. And you are part of it! Thanks to the Circus Smiles program, you have the opportunity to swap your COINS for Smiles Donation Cards.

The monetary value of these donation cards will be entirely donated to a charitable organization. What’s more, Circus will double this amount! Meaning, for each coin you donate, we will donate another to bring more and more smiles.

How does it work?

Every 6 months, we select a charity organization. All donations collected during this period will be donated to this charity.

If you would like to donate your COINS, please visit the Circus Club Store, select the Smiles Donation Card, and choose the number of COINS you would like to donate (donations available starting at 25 COINS). Remember, Circus will double this amount.

After you have made your choice, you will receive a confirmation email. We will also contact you at the end of the campaign to tell you the total amount that will be donated to the association.

United Fund for Belgium

For the current period, we are supporting United Fund for Belgium, a Belgian non-profit organization helping people in need by financing the projects of charity organizations in Belgium.

For 50 years, UFB has collected donations from businesses, organizations and individuals. The raised funds are fully redistributed to local charitable organizations, active throughout Belgium.

The aim is to improve social integration by investing in projects that have a direct impact on the beneficiaries in these areas: child welfare, reduction of poverty and disabled people.

Thank you for your help! Together, we can make a difference!