Circus Jackpots: the best way to get winnings!

What if you won a jackpot on the thousands of games available at With our latest exclusive Circus Jackpot feature, this dream could become a reality!

How does it work?

The Circus Jackpot is a unique feature that is exclusive to Circus. Each time you play one of the several games in our catalog, you have the chance to win one of the 2 Circus Jackpots. Get ready for juicy winnings!

  1. Choose from our numerous casino games

  2. Start the game, place your bet and play

  3. Get a chance to win one of the 3 Circus Jackpots

3 Circus Jackpots, 3x more fun

Time Drop Jackpot

Start the game to have the chance to pocket the Time Drop Jackpot. Every 3 hours, a happy winner will leave with the prize pool. Pretty good, right?

Must Drop Jackpot

Unlike the Time Drop, this jackpot is based on the amount. This means that the amount will continue to increase, and the jackpot must absolutely drop before reaching €1,000.

Big Drop Jackpot

The jackpot all our players have been dreaming of... the biggest of them all! It can also drop at any time and can reach astronomical sums!

By playing our casino games, you automatically have a chance to win not 1, not2, but our 3 Circus Jackpots!

Frequently asked questions

Can I win several Circus Jackpots at the same time?

Yes! As incredible as it sounds, you can win the 3 Circus Jackpots at once. And the best thing of all? You can even win the game jackpot and the 3 Circus Jackpots at the same time, which would make you a quadruple winner.

There is also no limit for the number of times you can win a Circus Jackpot. Which means you can win one or several Circus Jackpots several times in the same day. Fantastic, right?

Do my chances of winning depend on the amount I stake?

Not at all. All players that stake, no matter the amount, have the same chances of winning. You could bet €0.01 and win the Big Drop Jackpot of several thousand euros!

Which games are eligible for the Circus Jackpots?

You can win one of the Circus Jackpot on all games, with no exceptions. You have a world of possibilities at Circus. Between ancient Egypt, a zombie apocalypse, the Far West or magical words, let yourself be transported into fascinating universes to potentially get exceptional winnings. Slots, dice games, table games and loads more. Circus will always have a game to suit everyone!