Your benefits

  • ❓ Guess the number of balls and share 5 million COINS! 💰
    The January Millions surprise is here: a competition with 5 million COINS up for grabs... Nothing less!

    Taking part is really simple! All you need to do is carefully watch the video below and guess the exact number of balls hiding in the bowl.
    Take part every day to increase your chances of winning! You need to bet at least 1x in one of our casino games to validate your participation each day.
    The 100 players with the closest answers to the correct number will win 50,000 COINS each!
    Now it's your turn!
  • Happy Hour x10 every day for 2 hours! ⏰😮
    During all of January, multiply your COINS by 10 every day for 2 hours (from 10:00 to 11:00 and from 22:00 to 23:00). Happy Hour x10, can you imagine?

    The offer applies to a different game every day. Come back daily to discover which one it is!
  • Live Roulette: 100,000 COINS to share with a triple 10!
    It's time for a new week of exciting offers for January Millions!
    And until the end of the month, a triple 10 can help you win big in roulette.

    Until 31 January, share a prize pool of 100,000 COINS* with the other players at the Circus Live Roulette table if the ball lands on 10 three times in a row!

    Will you be there at the right time?

    *Minimum stake of €2 obligatory on the 3 rounds
  • Monthly tournament: € 10.000 CASH to win 🏆
    This time, it's the right one. 2022 will be your year, we will make sure of it!

    Since you don't change a winning team, Circus brings you a monthly tournament* to get off to a good start from January.

    But careful: not just any monthly tournament. A €10,000 prize pool tournament!
    Play from 1 to 31 January and be among the 250 winners. The number 1 on the leaderboard will pocket €2,500 CASH!

    This year is really starting well.

    *Entry fees and rebuys: €1
  • Live Blackjack: 3 x 10 = 10,000 COINS!
    The triple 10 is also invited to the blackjack tables during January Millions.

    Keep an eye out until 31 January on the Circus Live Blackjack tables. If three 10s are dealt in a row by the dealer, you will share 10,000 COINS with the rest of the table!

    After this, 10 might become your favorite number...

    *Minimum stake €5 during the round
  • New daily tournaments in 2022 🥇
    A new year, a new concept
    In January Circus presents you new daily tournaments. Every day from 09.00 AM until midnight, take part in our 10 different tournaments with each its own characteristics.

    The prize pools can go up to €500 per day, you can use an infinite number of rebuys or win only once, the entry fees start at €0.01, so there's something for everyone.

    You don't know where to start? Try one every day. Or register for 10 tournaments on the same day. The choice is yours!
  • Gift Box for a surprise every month
    Each month a surprise is waiting for you!
    Discover your reward between the 1st and the 7th of the month
    At Circus, your loyalty is rewarded!

    Each month you get to pick one of our 3 gift boxes! Each box contains a nice gift and the gift is connected to your current status.
    The higher your status, the more special your Gift Box will be!

    Login to your account to enjoy this offer.

  • Circus Club, your loyalty program
    Circus Club
    Circus rewards you for your loyalty in the Circus Club! Take advantage of all of our advantages and our gifts!
    From the moment you play, you'll receive 2 types of rewards: 1 CLUB point and 1 Circus Coin.
    Discover without any hesitation the functioning of the Circus Club.b!

  • Circus Club, your loyalty program
    Lots of events to earn lots of winnings!
    Discover our agenda and take part in our events
    Our gaming rooms offer lots of events and actions all year long.

    If you don't want to miss out on any of these and especially don't want to miss out on lots of unique gifts (cars, trips...) we invite you to keep an eye on our agenda.
  • Coins and cash to win with Circus sport tournaments
    The best sports betting tournaments
    You’re the king of punters
    After the casino versions, it’s time for the sports betting tournaments! 
    Take on the other Circus players each day with betting tournaments on football, tennis, basketball, live or in pre-match mode. 
    Follow your performances on the LIVE ranking table and win a maximum of CASH or coins. 
  • The best odds for your sports bets at Circus
    Best odds & Fun bets
     Each day, we’ll offer you our best odds on different sports events
  • Circus Sport Facebook page
    Circus Sport Facebook page
    Would you like to be kept up-to-date on current sports events, get useful tips for placing your bets, discover fun sports facts and so much more? Then like the Circus Sport Facebook page and don't miss a single betting opportunity!
  • Cash Out for your sports bets at Circus
    Cash Out
    Control your bets and win the game with Cash Out
    What is Cash Out?

    Thanks to the "Cash Out" feature, you can now cover your bet at any moment! 
    Show your savvy skills and use Cash Out to secure your winnings and minimise your losses!

These gifts are provided by S.A. Gambling Management (licence A 20635 issued by the Gaming Commission) and are exclusively reserved for players registered at

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